Me.#Trump Thank you is not enough at all

Mohammed Alarab

Needless to say, US President Donald Trump has made a firm decision regarding to Iran since the disastrous Khomeini revolution since 1979 it means 41 years.The snake's head stretched  uncheckedly to blow the poison into the body of five Arab countries, so the US president made a sound decision to cut Iran's hand that extending beyond the borders. Soleimani did not register legal entry at Baghdad International Airport, so, he is not a legal visitor. all what Iraqis found aftermath found in his possession is a book to broadcast Iranian thought and a Russian firearm Kalashnikov  that the man needs because he does not even believe in himself, so he tasted what his hands were prepared. I will not talk much about Soleimani's crimes, as they undoubtedly need an encyclopedia of crime because of his abundant death toll and bombing that he started with the Imamate bombing in the city of Samarra 2006 up to the countryside of Aleppo, Homs and Idlib. The American president went to the option of killing Soleimani because he knows very well that this man is one of the most dangerous engines of terrorism in the world.

He is no less dangerous than Al-Zarqawi and Al-Baghdadi in any case. As a result, the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps forces launched missiles late on January 8, 2020, and the White House quoted Trump as saying, according to the first estimates, that there are no casualties or damages, so the US President wavered from addressing the American people at night and went to sleep in the White House. Until he comes out with a statement the next morning, Iran will face more humiliation and complacency when the Republican elephant's feet hit all of Iran's economic and military pillars to force devilish regime to beg in order to sit at the negotiating table if luck smiles to them a bit . Forty years and a year is enough to eliminate the republic of oppression, fear and terror that exports subversive thought to the entire region ... The word thank you is not enough any longer because the pre-emptive work is great ... Trump had spotted the name of Soleimani on the US embassy to Baghdad ​​so he loved to see him in the breaking news as a killed pig.

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