A message to revive the #Arab memory… #Qatar and #Turkey normalized relations with #Israel not #Saudi Arabia

From Jeddah, Salman Al Harthy


     The Qatari media machine launched a frenzied attack to distort Saudi Arabia, laden with a history of national and Turkish conspiracies and betrayal of the Palestinian cause.



This comes after the Arab reaction, following Trump's decision to declare Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, revealed a strange drift and sympathy with both Qatar and Turkey, while criticizing and attacking Saudi Arabia.



    If the trumpets of the Qatari media system succeeded in directing part of the Arab public opinion towards certain objectives, it would not be able to falsify history and destroy the evidence and fingerprints of Qatari and Turkish normalization with Israel for years.



    And here we monitor the stations and prominent events, which revive the memory of the Arabs, and victims of the policy of the Qatari fallacies. 



First, the Arabs should remember that the American base of Ingerlik is located in Turkey, not in Saudi Arabia, and that Al Qaeda's American base is in Qatar and not in Saudi Arabia. 



The Arabs should also remember that the Israeli embassy is not in Saudi Arabia and that the planes that extinguished the fires last year in Israel are Turkish and not Saudi. And that the state that has normalized relations with Israel is Turkey and not Saudi Arabia, and that Turkey, not the Kingdom, recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel in 2016 even before Trump, through the normalization agreement.



As if the memory of the Arabs is so short that they forgot that the Israeli war planes are trained under an agreement in Turkey and not in Saudi Arabia, and that Lockheed's Israeli missile factory was created by Turkey, not Saudi Arabia.



 Do not the Arabs remember that the president who went to Israel and put a crown of flowers on the shrines of the Holocaust is Erdogan, not the Saud family? Do not they know that the one who visited the tomb of the founder of Zionism is Erdogan and his wife, not the Al Saud?


 The Arabs should remember very well that former Israeli president Shimon Peres toured the streets of Qatar and that the Al-Jazeera channel visited him and opened a media platform for normalization of relations, and that it was the Qatari and Turkish planes that bombed Libya with NATO, not Saudi Arabia, and that Turkey is a NATO member who is bombing Arab lands, not Saudi Arabia.



 They should also remember that Azmi Bishara is an adviser to the Emir of Qatar, who is in charge of its decisions, not in Saudi Arabia, and that four Arab countries have been destroyed by the pretext of revolutions and support for the revolutionaries by Qatar and Turkey, not Saudi Arabia.

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