Wayne’sCoffee coming to you in #Arabic#

الرياض بوست

Organic, responsible and inclusive has been what Wayne’s Coffee stood for since day one, and that is why Wanye’s Coffee is coming to you in Arabic.


In 2010 Wayne’s coffee opened its first branch in the Middle East in Saudi Arabia, and since then it has been expanding around the world. Knowing that over 420 million people around the world use Arabic as their main language, and in order to be inclusive of everyone; Wayne’s Coffee is now offering their online content in Arabic.

Moreover, they have signed a partnership agreement with a Jordanian online marketing agency called AloCloud that specializes in creating bilingual content, for local and international brands.

This partnership initiates the second step to follow the opening of their branches - in Saudi Arabia, and Jordan - in their mission to introduce the art of Swedish Fika to the region.

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