‏The Canadian "Éloize" Circus goes down in history in Saudi Arabia

From Riyadh,Ghanim Almutiri

Éloize Circus has contributed to the modern history Saudi Arabia as the first circus to perform in front of a mixed audience in Saudi Arabia  

In this context, the Canadian “Journal de Montreal” published a report, that is translated by
TheRiyadhPost, confirming that the performance was modified to suit the conservative attitude in Saudi Arabia.

“In terms of the uniform, the sleeves and trousers were extended, and some changes were made regarding the show performers, but we have achieved our biggest success in Saudi Arabia” Jeannot Painchaud, the founder of Éloize Circus, said.


“Just a few days before New Year's Day, we got the approval to perform in Saudi Arabia, the approval stated that we can perform three shows in Dammam, in a 2,000-seat theater and three in the capital Riyadh in front of nearly 2500 spectators every night.


 “There are still questions from some artists about whether it's good to perform in Saudi Arabia or not, but I think it's important to help achieving Saudi Arabia's goal by opening up to the world through art and entertainment.” Jeannot Painchaud ended his speech.





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