Agent of development and business partner Mats Hörnell at Alocloud.

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AloCloud and its strategic business partner from Sweden      

As part of its development plan for all its operations and its entry into new markets in the digital world, and with the completion of its seventh year as a company that specializes in providing creative content, digital marketing, and building a visual identity; the CEO of AloCloud, Hind Khlaifat indicated that Mr. Mats Hörnell has joined AloCloud’s team as a strategic business partner since the first of September, 2022.
Mats Hörnell, who has worked as CEO of one of the largest Swedish coffee franchises "Waynes Coffee" for several years, and also worked as CEO of McDonald's in the Nordic region, has a professional history specializing in financial management, the hospitality sector and specialized management operations.  
Khlaifat has revealed that “this step completes what we started with a year ago by launching towards new markets and new tools. It is time for the company to expand into international businesses by adding important qualitative expertise such as the expertise of Mr. Hörnell.”
Hind Khlaifat, the founding partner and the creative arm of the company, also stated that diversity in the business environment creates a new space, and that the long-standing professional experiences enjoyed by Mr. Hörnell will give the company more room for growth. This addition will be in support of the customers who choose AloCloud to market their businesses or build their visual identities, and this step will give the creative partner, founder of the company Khalifat, an opportunity to focus on the creative work of customers with this important addition from the expertise of Mr. Hörnell, a specialist in business management and development.
Mr. Mats Hörnell has conveyed that “It is with great honour and pleasure that I accept being part of AloCloud’s team. With the experience I have gathered throughout my career in different businesses such as tourism, hospitality, retail, and food & beverage, I hope to bring value to support the development of Alocloud to reach even further in the ever changing social media arena.”
It is noteworthy that AloCloud, which was established in 2015, has led many promotional campaigns in Jordan, Iraq, and Saudi Arabia. AloCloud also manages a number of corporate accounts, designed multiple visual identities for a number of companies with a large number of television and audio ads. Alocloud has recently produced a new line of products under the name of “Nirvana”, a line of modern, authentic, and original art pieces and prints under the signature of the founder Hind Khlaifat.

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