Find out the top ten countries that read TheRiyadhPost  


An internal statistic, conducted by the editorial board of TheRiyadhPost website, revealed the top ten countries that read RiyadhPost.live 


The number of visitors was obtained through the statistical analysis service of Google.


The United States came first where the readers throughout the United States accounting for about 65%, while Ireland came second by over 8%.


In the third place, readers from Saudi Arabia came by about 7%, while Germany came in fourth place by about 5%, followed by Britain in the fifth place by about 2%.


TheRiyadhPost publishes its materials in both Arabic and English, focusing on the Saudi and Gulf affairs in particular through a number of specialized reports and studies.


TheRiyadhPost has also opened the Saudi eye on the global point of view towards recent developments, by providing specialized readings of the world's published news about Saudi Arabia.


Last month, the Riyadh Post launched its own magazine both in Digital and PDF form, in order to provide a monthly summary of the most important publications on the website.


As part of its development plans, TheRiyadhPost is preparing to launch its English magazine with a number of regional partners.


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