The only Gulf women in the Louvre Abu Dhabi… is Saudi

From Dubai - Saif Al Abdullah


The saudi woman Maha Al-Maluh is the only Gulf artist to features one of its works at the Louvre Museum in Abu Dhabi, which was recently opened.



Al-Maluh’s technical work from the pendants category, which is pots used to cook the goat meat organized and formed in a distinctive artistic way, is the only work of a Gulf artist in this museum.



The doors of Louvre Museum in Abu Dhabi were opened during French President Emmanuel Macaron's visit to the UAE in late last month, featuring the world's most famous paintings, including the world's most expensive painting, Salvatore Monde, sold for  450 million dollars.



Maha Al-Maluh, who received an invitation to participate in the Venice International Biennale due to be held in May next year, is a Saudi artist who has succeeded in sculpting her name in the world of plastic arts through several successes and achievements, which enabled her to sell a number of her works to major International museums such as the British Museum and the George Pompidou Museum in Paris.

Al-Mallah is the only Saudi artist to have been certified as an aesthetically pleasing figure in the Open Museum project in Jeddah.


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