A famous American broadcaster Attacking Al-Jazeera: It is a platform to support and glorify terrorism  

From Washington, Khalid Al taref

The American broadcaster Joe Scarborough attacked Al-Jazeera, accusing Qatar of using it to support terrorism and spread chaos.


The American news website Mediaite cited in this context a report translated by Riyadh Post, that the American broadcaster, in an episode of Morning Joe broadcasted on MSNBC channel on Wednesday, accused the Qatari news network of propaganda, spreading disinformation, and supporting terrorism.


During the discussion of the Gulf crisis in his program, Scarborough blamed Al Jazeera, which has become a platform to support and assist terrorist organizations.


"Qatar funds terrorist organizations, such as Hezbollah, the Muslim Brotherhood, and propagates disinformation," said the famous American broadcaster.


"Why do our children have to watch documentaries glorifying Osama bin Laden, the man who always tried to kill us?" Scarborough asks.


"This issue makes countries such as Saudi Arabia and the UAE are correct in their accusations and reservations about the channel," Scarborough said, referring to Arab and Gulf countries' protests over Qatari funding for terrorist organizations.


This comes after Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and a number of Arab countries condemned Qatar with the help and support of terrorism, imposed sanctions and a diplomatic boycott to give up providing support.


Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and other countries boycotting Qatar have called upon Doha to close Al-Jazeera as part of the essential demands to end the boycott

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